Cartridge Boxes

Click on this image (left) to see the hanging magazine that we recovered from the forward section of the wreck. It came up completely in pieces. Fortunately, each and every part was numbered to show exactly where it fitted in the overall structure. All numbers were carved into the pine slats and uprights using roman numerals. For example, joint (dividing slat and corresponding hole in upright) number 19 was marked XV1111 and so on. Simon Aked and I took the whole lot to Chatham Historic dockyard where we assembled it as seen in this image. NOTE the wonderful little drawers sitting on the deck below the racking that once held the cartridge cases. These drawers were to catch / collect any gunpowder grains that might have spilled from the cartridge boxes.

The lids shown below are from the cartidge cases that were found in the magazine above. The cases were made from very soft 'poplar' wood and in the main had disintegrated. Hence the spare lids.
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