Chatham Historic Dockyard - This is home to the national Invincible representative archive. In particular the Wooden Walls experience is second to none, taking the visitor around the building of the Valliant. The Valliant was first Invinicble class battleship to be built as an exact copy of the Invincible after her capture from the French.
EXPLOSION - A new gallery in the Explosion experience opened today 2nd My 2003, which is dedicated to the Invincible. If you are in the area, Explosion is an experience that simply must not be missed. After this you are only a very short distance from the Submarine Museum.
Fort Ligonier - The impressive Fort, finest of its type in North America, is a full-scale, on-site reconstruction of the 1758-1766 original, situated on a commanding hilltop in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. This site is well worth a visit.
HMS Victory - The oldest commissioned warship in the world, this famous old ship is only a very short ferry boat trip from EXPLOSION and the Submarine Museum.
Julian Stockwin - If you like action packed swashbuckling maritime novels then visit here. I personally now have all four books and simply cannot wait for the 5th adventure of Thomas Kydd.
Royal Marine Museum - Marines were present on all Naval Ships and the Invicnible was no exception. A wonderful exhibition of Invincible artefacts including a fantastic, totally unique model of Invincible, can now be seen in the Museum.
The Navy News - The online new of the Royal Navy
The Mary Rose - Henry the Eighths favourite ship
The Royal Naval Museum - In addition to many fascinating objects and galleries, this museum also has several Invincible 1758 artefacts.
National Maritime Musem - Exactly as the name suggests
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Flagship of Maritime England.
Shipwrecks - A really good well maintained site, listing shipwrecks around the Devon coastline in the U/K. Also many other wrecks listed. Well worth a visit
UKMCS - Uinted Kingdom Maritime Collections Strategy - Providing a united voice for theUK's maritime history