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Admiral Anson 1747 at the time of her capture wrote to the Admiralty saying: -"She is a prodigious fine ship and vastly large, I think she is larger than any ship in the fleet and is quite new".

Sir Peter Warren 1747 - "Better in every way than any ship, and is in every shape a fine man of war".
In 1748 Captain Keppell said of her: -"She outsails the whole of the Navy of England, only the Bedford comes near us"
In 1757 the Admiralty described the Invincible as: - "In every way the very best ship of her class"
Latest Updates
Now available a VERY limited number of mid size musket shot - go to Musket shot
Small pieces of Oak from the wreck. The only pieces now left are those shown here - Pieces of OAK
Tally Stick - It spent 223 years on the sea bed and then, after being recovered from the wreck a further 30 years stored in a dark dry place - the illegible writing on a tally stick is finally REVEALED in 2012 by a dedicated team in Canada. Imagine - someone wrote a message on that little piece of wood more than 250 years ago - spooky. See full dialogue with superb images - link to the book is in tally stick page.

The original publication by John M Bingeman called - The First HMS Invincible - (1744 - 58) has been updated. Email him for further information - John Bingeman.

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In 1988 the project organisers commissioned local professional model maker, Phil Rumsey, to build a scale model of the Invincible using only materials recovered from the wreck. The end result is this magnificent model, which is currently owned by the Royal Marines Museum Portsmouth England. Click here to view more images of this model and another superb model crafted in bone!


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