During the excavation, among the many hundreds of artefacts, several ship timbers were recovered. After satisfying the needs and requirements of museums and National Heritage, it was agreed that a few of these timbers should be used to raise funds to offset some of the extensive excavation & diving costs.

Without doubt, a most adventurous project was this very fine Vienna Regulator timepiece. Although there was enough timber to make 3 clocks, due to the high costs involved, only one was ever crafted. The haunting beauty of the old Oak, seasoned for 230 years under the sea, combined with a high quality German Kieninger 8 day movement, makes this timepiece truly unique.

The clock started off in the proud owners company executive office. But, no matter where it is situated, the sound of the slow, steady, dead beat movement with hourly chimes, adds beauty, ambience, atmosphere and tranquillity to any room. Rather than leave it behind in work every night, it now proves an extremely impressive centre piece in the hallway of the owners quiet country home.

To complete the package, the present owner received a 8 x 10 photograph of the Invincible, with the frame being manufactured from original Invincible Oak taken from the very same timber as the clock.

To date there is only one other frame ever to have been made in this way. You can find it hanging in the officer's mess on board the current aircraft carrier, and the sixth British ship to bear the name - HMS INVINCIBLE.

The purchaser wanted his piece of English maritime history as an heirloom. Together with a signed dedication in the book "The Royal Navies First Invincible" and the tale of how it first came into his family, the beautiful, unique timepiece will be handed down to children and grandchildren for generations to come.

Size of clock- 1,220 x 255 x 200 mm (48" x 10" x 8")
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