Each year the match is played at the same venue - The Weald of Kent golf club.
After a hard days golf, everyone goes back to the hotel to reflect upon what might have been! What better way to end the day than by getting together over a few beers, on the 19th hole. After a miserable rainy start to the day the afternoon cleared up into a lovely summers evening. Courtasy of Ian Sedge - or so he tells us!
God, look at my stomach!!! Still, I had just set the camera on timer and run back to the 'lads'. Think I'll go on a diet.

Well at least our Captain (the Boss in light blue shirt second from left) looks happy, despite losing the match. To be fair, we don't only come here for the golf - we come here for the excellent company and good food. Oh yes, and a few glasses of ale and wine.

The golf? - well that is an added bonus.

Meal over and everyone feeling good. After plenty of wine it's nearly time for the jokes and stuff. Ian takes the stage again
What a performer - he should be a comedian - some say he already is!


Hear no evil - See no evil - Speak no evil.

Three 'just' men contemplate the score cards for the day, after the evening meal.

Left to right - Dave Spear, Ian sedge and Catain Dave Jones

Too late now men - the Trophy goesto the Unigate team.



The Trophy

I.n 1995 a decision was made to organise a golf day with our valued customer Unigate. It was a very friendly low key tounrament and great fun. Of course we needed a trophy to play for and so I was asked to produce something a little out of the ordinary and a bit special. Using Oak that I personally had recovered from the famous 'Shipwreck of the Royal Navy's First Invinibcle' a trophy was borne (image left). Playing stapleford, the first meeting between the rival teams was very close and Unigate won the day.

Iin 1966, the following year, Goodyear won the trophy and for the next five years retained it. However, this year 2002, after a very evenly matched, hard fought afternoon of golf, Dave Jones announced that Unigate had a collective score of 155 points compared to Goodyear 154. Yet anotehr very close final scoreline

Here we see Goodyear Captain Dave Jones handing over the trophy to Unigate / Dairy Crest team Captain Steve Windebank.

Once again, this year was very close. But, on this occasion, the covented trophy goes back to Unigate.