Goodyear / Unigate Golf Challenge Trophy
Some years ago Goodyear Tyres GB Ltd asked me to make up a trophy manufactured from Invincible timber. It did not need to be very large and certainly not too fancy. The main criteria was that the trophy was made from the original oak and that it came with full provenance and a signed and dedicated copy of the hard back book - The Royal navy's First Invincible by Brian Lavery.
This particular trophy is played for at an annual challenge match between Goodyear Mileage Contracts Division and long standing customers Unigate (now Dairy Crest). I am fortunate to be able to play for Goodyear in this annual event. Every year during the evening meal the unusual and highly prized trophy is a real talking point
Should anyone want something similar I still have sufficient timber recovered from the wreck during the excavation, to manufacture one to your own design. Just email me with some initial details and I can sort out a costing.
After last years fiercely fought match the lads from Unigate / Dairy Crest won the day. For a bit of fun I created a single page to put up on the Internet which I now add as a link should anyone want to view it - click here

Originally, the trophy had individual little plaques, one for each year. In addition, the cabinetmaker turned a "gold ball on a tee" as you can see from the image on the left. However, it was felt that the trophy looked better if, instead of a wooden "ball" a pewter golfer was used in its place.

And so the alteration (right) was made in the year 2000. In addition to the ball being changed a large silver plate was used in place of the many small ones. The image right shows the trophy as it is played for today.

As for the provenance, apart from the normal certificate, underneath, sealed behind glass is a certificate signed by me. (See image below) The complete package also included the book mentioned above which also has a signed and dated dedication inside the front cover.