The timber used to craft each pen set is taken from the odd shaped pieces recovered from the wreck of the Invincible, that have no archaeological significance. Each one is fashioned from the contours of the original timber which has itself been shaped by over two hundred years of sea bed erosion. This means that no two pen sets are the same and so each one is unique.
Each pen set has a certificate of authentication signed by me personally (John Broomhead) as the first diver and diving licensee on the wreck.
The price quoted includes postage within the United Kingdom.
Ps 1 - size; 225 x 70 x 25 mm SOLD
A very attracive piece of Invincible oak, highly polished with black pen & trumpet. Ideal to have alongside a telephone or on a desk. - £24.95
Ps 2 - SOLD
Ps 3- size; 190 x 95 x 45 mm SOLD
Beautifully marked section of Invincile oak. On this piece is mounted a slimline pen & trumpet. The pen can of course be removed and replaced by a musket ball if preferred.. - £24.95
Ps 4 - SOLD
Ps 5 -SOLD
Ps 6 - size; 190 x 65 x 60 mm SOLD
This section is polished on top, front and both ends. Slightly cut away underneath, we have installed a small piece of brass in order to make the timber stand up firmly. - £24.95 - SOLD
Ps 7 - size; 190 x 90 x 40 mm SOLD
Although only small, I consider this to be really attractive and is one of my favourite pieces. You can clearly see the large holes made by teredo worm activity together with lots of gribble worm attack. Two parts of the timber have been polished contrasting nicely with how the rugged timber looked, when attached to the wreck. - £19.95 SOLD
Ps 8 - size; 175 x 65 x 60

A really nice solid chunky piece of Invincible oak. Mounted here with a black pen & trumpet on the part that is not polished.

£24.95 - SOLD

Ps 9 - size; 310 x 120 x 40 mm
Quite a large section of oak for a pen set. However, it combines a round hole which would once have held one of the many thousands of trenails that held the ship together, with much highly polished oak. It is very black where, whilst on the wreck, it would have spent more than two hundred years adjacent to iron. Some gribble worm activiy. - £29.95 SOLD
Ps10 - size; 300 x 100 x 80 mm SOLD
Another large section, only this piece has not been near to iron and so has a beautiful honey colour on the polished sections. A simple job to remove this pen & trumpet if wanted. In the teredo worm holes you can see the white shell made by the worm all those years ago, in order to stop the timber from crushing it. - £29.95 - SOLD
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