Due to lack of any outside funding, during the course of the excavation, it became necessary to raise our own funds. The one thing we had was a large amount of oak timber on the wreck. Many of these timbers were considered a danger to the divers, and so after careful consideration and consultation with the museum authorities and archaeologists, we were able to remove them from the site. These were then used to manufacture small items of furniture etc. as part of your fund raising activities.
Several objects were made from the few Oak timbers which were recovered from the wreck, and without exception these have all been manufactured for private collectors on a special commission. The Oak trees originally used to build the Invincible were more than 100 years old. Add to this the fact that the timbers have been lying on the sea bed seasoning in salt water for a further 220 years, you will appreciate the Oak is very hard on cutting tools and chisels. I consider myself very fortunate therefore, that a local highly skilled cabinet maker agreed to produce these items on a one off commission basis. His keen interest in Project Invincible combined with his dedication to perfection in his work, means that every object is crafted to the very highest standard.
List of items manufactured from the Invincible's timbers.
Model of Invincible
Golf Trophy
Display case
Pen sets
Small polished pieces of Invincible Oak
Odd and interesting shaped pieces timber straight from the wreck.
Musket shot and flints mounted on Invincible Oak