This superb Midhship Section of Invincible was created by model maker Phil Rumsey. Although crafted from new wood, the small section of oak bewteen the keel and the plinth (image 3) is recovered from the Invincible. The small coils of rope are hemp impregnated with Stokholm Tar. If, like me, you enjoy that wonderful aroma that you only get when entering the rope locker of an old wooden sailing ship then you will love this. It measuring 230mm ht x 230mm wide overall and the width of the cross section itself is 55 mm. Phil originally made 10 of these all of which sold quickly. This one picture here is from the same private collection as the artefacts mentioned in the home page. Although worth much more the owner has asked me to put this one up for sale at £125 plus packaging and carriage charges. This particular one is NOW SOLD. However, having spoken with the model maker, he confirms that he has a couple more that he made but never quite finished! He has agreed to complete them and I will be visiting him to take some photographs of those still available for sale. Keep coming back to check out this page.
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