Musket & Pistol Shot

When at close quarters the marines would try to 'pick off' the enemy's officers using musket fire from the fighting tops. From the wreck of the Invincible we excavated many thousands of lead ball ammunition. Those found on the wreck comprised of three different calibre - 13.22, 15.40 & 17.50 mm. All have been recorded and logged in the archive and having satisfied the needs of our National Heritage there are a number available for private sale.

There are none of the small pistol shot (13 mm dia) now available. Therefore, I have decided to sell the large musket shot in either a pair of musket shot in presentation box or singularly in presentation box.

NEW - There were not many of the 'middle size' shot found on the wreck. However, I have just found a small quantity of these in my own collection and will be selling them in exactly the same way as the single musket shot in box. For some strange reason, these are not as clean as the other sized shot and all have conretion on them. This does however, add atmosphere by showing clearly the 200+ years laying in the wreck.


Lead shot recovered from the wreck are being sold in beautiful dark navy blue presentation boxes (50 x 50 x 12 mm) with the ship & date embossed in the top in gold colour. Available with 1 (single) or 2 (double) musket balls & now with 1 (single) mid sized shot in presentation box.

Single musket shot (17mm dia) in presentation box (Left) £7.95 - (GBP)

NEW - Single MID SIZE shot (15 mm dia) in presentation box - £7.95 - (GBP)

NEW - Two x Musket shot in presentation box (Right) - £9.95 - (GBP)