Phil Rumsey
Miniature Shipwright & Wood-Carver
"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"
The owner has several of these fine models but due to space contraints reluctantly has to sell this one. The model is of HMS Tarter which was the last 28 gun Frigate built by Royal Navy in 1756. It is 67cm long overall, 52cm high & 26cm wide. The case is 72 x 61 c 35cms and is built from pear wood.
The price for this treasure is £5,500 GBP plus carriage. For further information please email me directly.
The Royal Navy's First Invincible
We commissioned Phil to craft a fine and detailed unique scale model of the Invincible, modelled as she was verified after 1747 using material recovered from the wreck. There will shortly be a full write up on this model available for viewing. Click on any of the images below to enlarge and have a closer look at the workmanship. The model now stands proudly in a collection of Invincible artefacts in the Royal Marine Museum in Portsmouth.
This next model is of the HMS Surprize, the ship famously featured in Patrick O'Brian's series of novels
Phil made two models of HMS Surprize using wood, both of which are sold. He then crafted this one using bone. It was originally made for Mr. Patrick O'Brian himself. Unfortunately, just before Phil finished the model, Patrick O'Brian sadly passed away. Phil kept the model but it is now time to let go and he is putting it up for sale. These are low quality images to assist in download time. High quality images taken at any angle requested can be sent to individual collectors interested in purchasing this superb model. More of Phil's work will be shown in this page very soon.
For further details please either email me.
Click on any of the images to enlarge