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A typical scene with timbers protruding from the sea bed before any excavation disturbance.
Diver John Broomhead checking out pine cladding on oak deck
Pine Bulkhead on orlop deck with coil of rope in background
Large cable laid rope on orlop deck
Timber lying on flat sea bed with lobster underneath
Wicker basket, part of gun carriage and a block in background
Gun powder barrel plus part of gun carriage
An upturned shoe appears from under the sediment
Gun powder barrel plus wicker basket
Base of a wicker basket with a broken barrel and another basket in the background
A large single block that has literally been squashed between two of the Invincibles massive timbers when she foundered
A Diver approaches a very large triple block lying on the sea bed. The casing of the block is eaten away by the gribble worm but the lignum vitae sheaves are untouched.
Diver recording the position of the gunpowder barrels